Alexandra Chassanoff is a Research Program Officer at Educopia Institute, a Research Affiliate at the Program on Information Science at the MIT Libraries and an adjunct faculty instructor at the School of Information and Library Science at the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill (UNC SILS).  She holds a master’s degree in Information Science and a PhD in Information and Library Science, both from UNC SILS.

Alex’s research interests center on the development of sustainable digital cultural heritage environments.  She studies both the use and users of born-digital information, ranging from legacy software to archived web collections. Working at the intersection of cultural heritage studies, digital preservation, and information studies, her research asks: what do different communities of practice value about their interactions with born-digital information? How are epistemological practices (or “ways of knowing”) changing and how is this consequential for building socio-technical infrastructure(s)?

For the past ten years, she has worked in embedded settings with library technologists, practitioners, and faculty on the design and development of digital research infrastructure.  These grant-funded, applied research initiatives have included the following:

Alex currently resides in Durham, North Carolina.